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Welcome to my blog. I began blogging in January 2011 with the intention of covering all subjects that interest me on the same blog. Three months in and it has become obvious that including football related posts on my other blog would be a bit surreal and out of place. With the subject matter of my main blog being somewhat on the heavy side, with the research quite time consuming and exhausting, I’ve decided to compartmentalise. I’ll be using this blog as a bit of light relief from the other one.

I’m a Cardiff born Cardiff City & Wales supporter. I also have a lifelong bond with Everton FC hence the name of the blog. I started supporting them in the early 80’s when Neville Southall and Kevin Ratcliffe were my childhood heroes, and have remained fond of them despite my hometown club being my main passion. Without wanting to sound pretentious, I consider myself a student of the game in constant pursuit of knowledge and education with regards to tactics and footballing philosophy. I have a strange fascination with the Belgian national football team, and a penchant for exploring the effects of immigration and multiculturalism on football. I like to read and learn about obscure and interesting footballing stories. I love to hear about the ‘next big things’ in the football world. I suppose it comes from the daydreaming all football fans do about managing your own team, scouting for hidden gems and unearthing new talent. Not to mention the kind of geekish snobbery that demands to be in the know, and allows one to appear knowledgeable, and be smug when the new Messi arrives on the scene a year after you’ve been telling everyone to remember the name.

I’m not a trained writer or journalist, just a football fanatic who thinks too much and needs to write some of it down. There are a million and one blogs that do this far more professionally and articulately than I could ever hope to (check my blogroll), but they’ve inspired me to give it a go, so here it goes.

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  1. January 14, 2012 11:41 pm

    Hoy es fácil saber quienes son los verdaderos terroristas..! Muchos de ellos nos gobiernan… y son quienes generan las crisis económicas, las guerras, invaden países, y siempre encuentran en diferentes sectores respaldo para continuar con su egoísta tarea…

  2. January 23, 2012 6:41 pm

    what a nerd

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